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Hot Tub & Spa Service

Nelson’s Service Department Hot Tub Technicians are available year round for all your hot tub service needs.  Our professional service technicians will diagnose, fix, test, and even maintain your hot tub so you can enjoy it to the fullest! See below for a list of Nelson’s Hot Tub Services:

Hot Tub & Spa Service when YOU need it.

Professional Service Team:

Let our trained staff handle your hot tub & spa service needs. We offer a complete line of services for most hot tubs even if you didn't purchase your hot tub from us. We also offer walk in service for motor repair and parts.

Some of our most common repair offerings:

  • Spa packs, top side issues, motor repairs and plumbing leaks are some of the most common issues we see in our Southeastern Wisconsin region
  • Manufactures recommend changing your hot tub water 3-4 times a year. Let us do the dirty work to drain, clean and restore balance to your hot tub.
  • Filter cleaning is recommended at least monthly. We can clean your filter and have it ready in just a few days.
  • FLO issues? Hot Tub not heating? Motor making weird noises? could simply be a clogged filter, a heating element or bearing going out - give us a call to schedule a time for us to come check it out.
  • Didn't purchase your hot tub from us or bought a home with one there. No problem, we service many makes and models no matter how you came to have your hot tub.
  • Restor-A-Tub is a new offering we have at Nelson's. We can take that beautiful acrylic shell that still looks great and put a new outside skirt on it for a fresh new look.
  • Our maintenance technician can be at your home weekly or bi-weekly to keep your hot tub up and running at optimum performance so you don't have to. 
  • Purchased a new home and want your old tub to go there with you. No Problem. We offer regional moving so your hot tub will be ready when you get there. 


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