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Inground swimming pools date back over 5000 years to multiple ancient civilizations but pools were not a realistic option for the average family until after the end of World War II; American industry was booming as the growing population spread into the suburbs. The average family was becoming more affluent, they had time for recreation, and they had room in their backyard for outdoor activities. Inground pools quickly became in high demand which led to innovative ways to provide families with their own backyard oasis.

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Fiberglass In Ground Swimming Pools

Fiberglass In Ground Pools Are A Joy To Swim In!

In Ground Swimming PoolsThe surface of fiberglass pools, known as gelcoat, has always outlasted other pool surfaces assuming the pool is properly manufactured and maintained. In fact, many of the original fiberglass inground pools installed in the 70’s still have their original finish. Scientific advancements in gel coats have made the surface even more durable, such as the introduction of vinyl ester resin into the manufacturing process which virtually eliminated blistering on the surface of fiberglass pools. The use of vinyl ester resin became widespread in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The early 2000’s saw a major fiberglass pool breakthrough with the introduction of advanced colored gelcoat finishes that far outperformed and outlasted standard white marine gelcoat and transformed the look of fiberglass pools forever.

The gelcoat surface of fiberglass pools is smooth to the touch and makes for a great swimming experience. Based on our own experience and the feedback from our customers, fiberglass pools are a joy to swim in.

In Ground Pool Owners Rave About How Little Work Their Pools Require.

One of the strongest advantages of fiberglass pools is that they are very easy to maintain when compared to other types of pools. Across the board, fiberglass pool owners rave about how little work their pools require. However, they are not maintenance free, they do require work, and the water chemistry must be maintained or, just like with any other pool, bad stuff will happen to the pool and the pool equipment.

With that said, there is a reason why fiberglass pools require much less time and money to care for. Again it goes back to the pool surface. The non-porous gelcoat surface does not give algae a place to call home. Consequently, fiberglass pools are much more algae resistant, resulting in less chemical use, less filtration, and less time maintaining the pool. That’s right, no need to scrub the walls, and the pool shell is inert, so it does not raise the pH of the water. Consequently, there’s not a constant pH battle to fight like with a concrete pool.

A huge advantage of fiberglass pools is that the pool shell is manufactured under factory controlled conditions. This completely removes weather from the equation and gives you the comfort of knowing your pool shell is manufactured in ideal conditions.


"Between 2005 and 2015 fiberglass pools exploded from 6% to 17% of
inground pool market share in America, nearly tripling in size in only a 10 year period. It was, and continues to be, the fastest growing segment of the nation’s swimming pool industry."


Imagine Pools

An Imagine Pool is more than a swimming pool…

Imagine Inground Swimming Pools

It is a swimming pool of unique and sophisticated design, technology and technique. It is an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. It’s the belief that happiness is best experienced with loved ones at your side, enjoying an Imagine Inground Pool in your home.

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Oasis Pools

Create your own personal Oasis

Oasis In Ground Swimming Pools

Oasis steel wall pools allow you to customize your pool thanks to a wide selection of shapes and liner options. You will be able to create the perfect inground pool to suit your style and needs.

It's your irresistible retreat—An inground pool is more than an investment, it's a lifestyle. A private paradise all your own!

Learn more about the Oasis Steel Wall Inground Pools and how you can create the swimming pool of your dreams!

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