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PowerPool Maax Swim Spa

PowerPool MAAX Swim Spa Hot Tubs For The Outdoor Enthusiast!

PowerPool Swim SpaFor centuries the power of water has shaped the world we live in. From oceans to streams, the forces of moving water have changed our landscapes and our lives. That same power is now available for your home in the new MAAX Spas PowerPool™ from the outdoor adventure experts, The new PowerPool MAAX Swim Spas uses flowing streams of water to create a home environment ideal for fitness, relaxation and healing.

PowerPool MAAX Swim Spa Hot Tubs combines the best aspects of swimming pools, hot tubs and home gyms. Whether it’s to shape our body, soothe your soul or transform your backyard into an oasis of tranquility, PowerPool™ MAAX Swim Spas harnesses the power of moving water to enhance your life.

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SWIM- TRAIN - RELAX In A New PowerPool Swim Spa Hot Tub!

A PowerPool™ is better for swimming. The continuous swim current of a PowerPool™ eliminates the turn at the end of the lane. Additionally the swim current has adjustable power to accommodate for different skill levels. No matter what your age or ability, a PowerPool™ provides the ultimate exercise and relaxation environment.

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PowerPool Swimming Spa

RS1 & RS2 PowerPool

Designed for the aquatic fitness enthusiast, the RS1 & RS2 are space effective PowerPools™ offering a complete array of aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy benefits. With up to 70 jets, 6 PowerSwim™ jets, balance bar rails, and optional PowerResistance kit, a complete full body aquatic workout is always challenging. Walk, jog, or run against the PowerSwim™ jets for an aerobic workout or tone and define muscles using the PowerPool™’s unique resistance training system.

RS1 & RS2 PowerPool Swimming Spas
Specs For RS2 Swim Spa

RL4 PowerPool Swim Spa

Ideally engineered for homes with small yards or indoor spaces, the PowerPool™ Swim Spa RL4 model utilizes “filter-forward” construction and “radius-rectangular” design to provide the largest aquatic exercise and swim zone available in this size category. While modest in size, the RL4 is built to the same exact standards as all MAAX™ Spas’ products and features PowerPools’™ unique PowerSwim™ jet system, balance bar handrail, optional PowerResistance exercise equipment kit. Swim, exercise, and relax with the PowerPool™ RL4

RL4 PowerPool Swimming Spas
Specs For RL4 Swim Spa

MT6 PowerPool Swim Spa

The PowerPool™ Swim Spa MT6 combines exercise with relaxation in this swim/spa hybrid. The MT6 provides many of the same swim, exercise and health benefits of the DT6 without the extra electrical hook up for the hot water side. Simply swim, jog, work out and then slip into the soothing massage seats to relax those tired muscles. This is all done in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard.

MT6 PowerPool Swim Spa & Hot Tub

DT6 PowerPool Swim Spa

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the PowerPool™ DT6; a combination swimspa and hot tub. Its two separate operating systems allow you to keep the swim zone at your desired exercise temperature while maintaining your hot tub at a higher temperature for hydrotherapy and stress relief. Work out to your maximum level in the exercise side of the DT6 to the PowerSwim jets or use the optional PowerResistance exercise equipment for strength and resistance training. Then relax and soothe tired muscles in the comfort of the integrated hot tub. Power, comfort and convenience; PowerPool™ DT6, all in the safety of your own backyard.

DT6 PowerPool Swim Spa


PowerPool MAAX Swim Spa Brochure

Toning and Sculpting

Your PowerPool™ can be equipped with an aquatic exercise equipment package that features modern resistance band technology. Attach the resistance bands to the connector rings on the PowerPool™ to perform a complete toning program. Whether you are looking to tone, strength train or add muscle mass, the PowerPool™ will maximize your results through efficient heat dissipation and the comfortable warm water environment.

PowerPool Toning Spas


PowerPool™ Swim Spa Advantages

As you consider the options for your dream backyard, a PowerPool™ presents many appealing advantages. The construction of a traditional pool can take weeks while a PowerPoo™ can be Done in a Day. Additionally, a PowerPool™ integrates into smaller backyards easily. The advantages don’t stop there. A PowerPool™ has a lower cost of ownership and more utility than similar sized, conventional inground pools.

PowerPools Swimming Spas

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  • Toning Is Easy In A PowerPool Swim Spa
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