family in pool

Pool & Spa Chemicals

Water balance for safety

A relaxing swim or a soothing soak? Either one can bring memories for family and friends. However, let's make sure your water is as safe as possible this year. Let the professionals at Nelson's help you keep your family and friends in safe water this season with a wide variety of the proper chemicals sure to meet whatever you have going on.


Pool Chemicals

We carry a complete line of Pool Chemicals for all your water needs. We offer water testing in our store while you wait. Typical wait time less than ten minutes. No time to wait, call ahead and we'll have your products ready for you to pick up. Please allow our staff time to have them ready at peak season times.



Spa Chemicals

Spa chemicals don't have to be confusing. We carry several lines of product for whatever your needs may be. We can test your water while you wait or simply drop your water off and return for the results later. We can even have our suggested chemicals ready for your return.

Spa Fragrances

Spa fragrances can make your relaxation simply amazing. Check out our line of spa fragrances. I'm sure you'll find one that suits your mood.