Legacy Billiards

Original, hand-crafted designs, built to last!

Setting the industry standard for superior quality, each Legacy pool table is designed for a lifetime of enjoyment, using a patented construction technique to provide a quality billiards experience.

Looking for an affordable, premium pool table? You've come to the right place.


Legacy pool tables come in a range of styles, from classic to contemporary, and are an excellent value!

Each Legacy table is constructed using high-quality solid hardwood - the preferred choice for the best pool tables in the industry. Legacy tables have patented their Perfect Corner construction, which uses fewer bolts and screws. This means easy assembly AND stronger construction!

A key component to any pool table is the billiard slate. While some brands offer non-slate tables, they often fail to live up to the customer's expectations. Each and every Legacy pool table is built with professional standard one-inch slate, providing you with the same high-quality experience every time you play.

Legacy Billiards Tables Exceed All Expectations

The Perfect Corner

Legacy’s Perfect Corner design ensures flush panels and square cabinets with each assembly, providing perfect play with every pool table. This patented design results in the strongest cabinet corners of any billiard table on the market.

Quality Slate

Accepting no compromise in detail or quality, Legacy Billiards takes pride in using three-piece, 1” slate on all pool tables. Each piece is precision-cut, diamond-honed, and ground to a level surface within five-thousandths of an inch.

The Finishing Touch

The Legacy Billiards factory offers an array of custom finishes and designs for billiard and furniture products. Each solid hardwood product is finished simultaneously to ensure high-end finish consistency. The finished result is a billiards table of premium quality, beauty, and durability.

Solid Hardwood

Each table in the Legacy series is constructed using solid hardwood. No plywood or scrap wood. No MDF. And no metal plates. From the cabinets to the legs, the top-rails to the blinds, all the way to the crossbeam slate supports – each component is made with top-quality solid hardwood.

Old World Joinery Techniques

Having previous experience in the furniture industry, Legacy’s construction techniques have stood the test of time. This expertise provides you with not only a quality table, but family heirloom to last for generations.

Hand Inlaid Sights

Every sight location on all Legacy tables are precision cut, resulting in a perfectly consistent design. Each mother-of-pearl sight is hand-picked, inlaid, and sanded to provide a completely smooth finish.Hand Inlaid Sights

Durable Leather Pockets

Legacy Billiards’ leather pockets are perfectly coordinated with their wood finishes. The leather is steeped into a high-quality dye allowing for a beautiful, lustrous, long-lasting finish that will endure wear and tear for the lifetime of the table.

Hand Carved Legs

Each Legacy pool table leg begins as a single, solid block of seasoned hardwood and is carefully hand-carved by a master craftsman, making each leg a functional work of art.

Fortress Power Lock™

Legacy Billiards secures its rails to the slate by using their trademarked Fortress Power Lock. Tested to 2,000 pounds of torque, and 80% stronger than fasteners used by other manufacturers, the Fortress Power Lock uses an oversized t-nut fastener designed to withstand the extreme torque of the rail bolts and secure the rails tightly to the table.

Exact Shot™ Cushions

Legacy's K-66 profile rail cushions add a 30% increase of surface area to bond the rubber to the top rail using a featured relief groove. These natural gum-rubber cushions are designed to precisely align with the top rail, which results in greater accuracy, superior speed, and a generally improved gameplay experience. Exact Shot cushions also include a lifetime warranty.

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The Perfect Drawer

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