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Spazazz And InSPAration Aromatherapy

Posted by Alex Huff on Jan 26, 2017 3:56:29 PM

It’s been a long, horrible day at work.  All you want to do is go home and sleep!  Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation thinks otherwise, and after a quick read…I think you will too. 

Nelsons carries a great selection of Spazazz and inSPAration aromatherapy products.  We have scents to match any mood, and a Spazazz RX to help with almost any ache, pain, congestion, stress, or boost that you may need.

Let's talk about Spazazz first.  We carry two lines of the Spazazz family, one of which is the RX line.  This line is specifically made to help alleviate aches and pains, congestion, stress, inflammation, swelling, and fatigue.  Along with the great scents they come in, they are rich with vitamins that are easily absorbed into your body through the jetted water of your hot tub or spa.  All you need is 1 capful per 100 gallons, meaning, most spas only need 3-5 capfuls per use.  That stretches the life of your bottle way out!  The other line of Spazazz is their Original aromatherapy spa experience.  This line consists of amazing scents that when added to your spa or hot tub will act as a skin softener and all around relaxer.  If you’re worried about affecting your water chemistry, filter, shell, or pump…don’t!  Spazazz is hot tub and spa safe!  It will not harm you or your spa in any way!  Another wonderful thing about Spazazz, it’s made in the USA!

The brand of Aromatherapy we carry is inSPArations.  This product was specially created for use in jetted tubs, spas, and hot tubs.  It uses natural extracts and vitamins to leave your skin moisturized after a relaxing night in the hot tub!  Maybe you’re on a pool or darts league, you’re stiff and sore after playing all night.  All you need to do is go home, turn on the jets, add 2-3 capfuls, and RELAX!  Once again, this product will not harm any aspect of your water chemistry or filters/pumps.  We currently carry over 20 different inSPAration scents, including 2 “kid scents”.

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, or what aches and pains you have, Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation has a fantastic Aromatherapy Fragrance to make your night a million times better! 


By Alex Huff

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