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Pool Toys at Nelson’s HTR

Posted by Nelson's HomeTowne Recreation on Mar 23, 2016 9:14:46 AM

Here at Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation in Janesville, WI we are renowned for our pool expertise and customer service. In order to improve that we continue to expand our pool toys selection to meet your needs.

Nelson’s carries a wide array of pool toys and games to make your pool the place to be. After all, the pool toys and people who use them are what help make a pool fun!

Tiki Toss:

One popular pool toy/game that we carry at Nelson’s in Janesville is Tiki Toss. This classic Island hook-and-ring game can be brought home and enjoyed for endless fun while testing your skills right away! Crafted from 100% Bamboo, Tiki Toss is a great way to get the whole family involved in a game that is not hard on the body. The goal of the game is to make a ring onto a hook in as few throws as possible, and you can even add your own rules or wrinkles to spice things up a bit. Tiki Toss is a very popular game, that also happens to be a favorite in the store among employees. Tiki Toss would be a great pool toy to add more fun to your pool/pool area!


Who does not love wearing goggles as they dive under the water so they can see clearly? Nobody that’s who, so here at Nelson’s we also offer a large number of goggles for both adults and kids. The brands range from Niketo Speedo, and we even offer kid’s goggles in an “Iron Man”, “Hello Kitty” and “Cars” style. Not only are the goggles awesome to use to keep water out of your eyes, but you can also have your favorite superhero or maybe just a cool design on the side. But what fun are goggles without underwater pool toys, or water blasting guns? That’s why we also offer various SwimWays pool toys.

SwimWays Pool Toys:

Stream Shifter Pool ToyNo pool is complete without SwimWays amazing pool toys, especially the Toypedo pool toy! With it’s amazing hydrodynamic design the Original Toypedo can travel underwater up to 30 feet! This pool toy is a pool owner must, and is continually a fan favorite from all pool owners. Our fun torpedo shaped pool toys are available in a variety of styles and sizes for kids of all ages. For a new twist on the classic Toypedo design, try the glittery Toypedo Revolution, or the Toypedo Max with it’s crazy underwater turns. Toypedo Bandits are just as fun as the original but come in a size perfect for younger kids. With 4 in every pack, Bandits also make great pool party favors for kids. For night time play, try impact-activated Toypedo Lite-Up Bandits.

Toypedo Pool ToyYou can get ready to battle with friends by using the SwimWays Stream Shifter pool toy! This water blaster pool toy lets you control the action by moving the nozzle to change the water stream. It features three different water spray actions in one – stream, jet, and shower, while also offering a 30 foot blast radius. But maybe just shooting water is not your cup-of-tea, in that case we recommend the Combo Blaster. This super shooter launches water or 3 plastic balls up to 30 feet. This you gives kids more ways to play and also offers more value for parents. Pair the Combo Blaster with the Stream Shifter for the ultimate pool toy water battle experience!

Stop into Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation in Janesville today to check out all of our pool toys. We are continually expanding our selection to include different pool toys! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments by calling 608-758-4444 or by visiting our contact page.

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