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Hmmm... I didn't know that  (pergola)

Posted by Jessica Greene on Mar 27, 2017 10:17:04 AM

What is a Pergola?!?!

                I don’t recall ever hearing the word “pergola” before I got into the business of making my guests backyards here at Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation into their own little slice of Heaven.  Last week, I had a guest mention that she would like a Pergola leading to her new spa. From the look on my face, I can guess she knew, as well as I did, that I had some research to do.

                A Pergola is defined as an archway consisting of framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. The first use of the word Pergola can be found to describe a projecting eave in an Italian poem written in 1645. The word Pergola is also used to describe different gazebo like structures and any area for sitting that allows a light breeze and minimal sun exposure.

                Pergolas can be made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and CPVC, brick or stone pillars. Most Pergolas have an intricate and beautiful lattice pattern to their structure to support trained climbing plants. Grapevines are often used on Pergolas. Pergolas are a feature found in gardens all over the world.

                Nelson’s offers a wide variety of décor to make anyone’s backyard look and feel like their own paradise. The Pergola that we offer has a wonderful traditional woodsy look. The Pergola would look great leading up to a spa, sauna, or fire table with chairs. We do have an example in our showroom for everyone to see, so stop on in and check it out. Please email me at jess@nelsonshtr.com with any questions that you want me to research the answers to. Thanks! Jess


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