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Valentines Candle

Posted by Shock Leitner on Feb 13, 2017 11:06:32 AM

Hmmmm…. I didn’t know that….

By: Jessica

Hey everyone! So, Valentine’s Day is approaching very soon! I know that I always like to send a little gift to my son’s teachers, but I do not want to spend a fortune on it. Well, this week, I am going to tell you how to make a home-made soy bean wax candle for less than 5 bucks!


First thing, you need a jar of some sort. I used an old jelly jar. I put a bit of aquarium rocks that I had at the bottom, and buried a wax covered wick in it. You can get these at any craft store for cheap! Then I filled the jar with soy wax  beads that I got at Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation for $2! There are several scents to choose from. (You also get enough beads to make 2 candles or more, depending on the jar that you use.) Ta-da!! You are done! I let my son decorate the jar with stickers and markers to make it special. It really is that simple! These can also make good presents for other occasions too.


For a non-crafty, busy mom like me, I really like the idea of this project. It was cute, simple, and cheap! Give it a try; let me know how it goes! You can email me pictures at jess@nelsonshtr.com. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. See you soon at Nelson’s. -Jess

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