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Posted by Alex Huff on Mar 27, 2017 10:23:53 AM

      Is a slate pool table worth it?  YES!  Slate pool tables are by far a better product over wood bed tables.  A standard wooden bed table is usually made of a high-density particle board, which is easily victim to warping and damage.  The wood will absorb anything spilled on it, or the humidity out of the air causing them to become misconfigured, warped, or even rotting. The only non-slate table I would consider is a table that uses Accuslate, which is a high-density fiberboard that is coated with PVC to help protect the bed against damage.  These tables usually offer a 7-year warranty.  Going with Accuslate is also a way to be a little easier on the wallet, but like they always say, you get what you pay for.  

     Now back to slate…  If you want a table that will offer consistent straight shots, a very strong playing field, and an all-around solid billiards table then slate is the way to go.  Slate has been machined to be flat, and nature has made it…well hard as a rock!  Slate tables are offered in either 1 piece, or 3 piece.  For the sake of ever moving it…go with the 3 piece.  Each panel weighs 200-400 pounds depending on how thick they are.  Nelsons Hometowne offers many different varieties to match any décor, or preferences.  The best part about any billiards table is how much you and your family or friends can enjoy it!  It’s truly greatest thing you can add to your game room or man cave!   We have a table to make everyone happy, and meet any budget. 

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