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Billiards Services

Family fun is just around the corner with a beautiful new or re-furbished billiard table. Let Nelson's customize your Game Room with all the right touches for years of family memories and fun.

Service when YOU need it.

Professional Service Team:

New billiard cloth can bring new life to a fine piece of furniture whether a chair, poker table, bumper pool or billiard table. 

Let our professionally trained staff handle your service needs. We offer a complete line of services even if you didn't purchase your product from us. We also offer walk in service for billiard parts.

Call 608-758-4444 ext.1, for the Service Department

to schedule any of the following billiard services or for professional advice on your game room item:

  • Is your current felt looking a bit tired or did you redecorate and it no longer matches the room? We have a wide selection of billiard fabric to choose from to get your table looking it's best.
  • Your billiard table just doesn't seem to have the best action anymore? Perhaps the bumpers have dried out over time and need replacement. Bring them in or have us pick them up and we'll get them back in action for more family fun.
  • Moving? - let our professional staff take your table down, transport it to your new destination, and re-assemble and level it to professional play (we only offer regional transport at this time)
  • Do the billiard balls seem to drift as they slow - your table could be out of level? - A table out of level can dramatically effect the play - and the fun. Our staff can re-level your table and get you back enjoying the game.
  • Need new carpet in the room but the billiard table is in the way? No problem, we can come and disassemble the table, let the carpet guys do their thing and come back to re-set and level your table when you're ready. 
  • Missing parts to your bumper pool, foosball, or air hockey table? Stop by our service department to see if we can get your game back in action.